Lexy The Elderbull Adoptaversary Fundraiser

SHOP TO SUPPORT!  We are honored to announce that we have partnered with the inspiring Lexy The Elderbull and some incredible companies to support the impactful Stand Up For Pits Foundation in honor of Lexy's 3rd Adoptaversary and 11th Birthday Annual Fundraiser!  We will be donating 10% of proceeds from each BARX + BLOOMS "Love-A-Bull" Collar that is purchased from now until February 10, 2017 to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation. We hope to raise lots of money for this wonderful foundation! Buy yours now by clicking the photos below and support an amazing cause! CLICK TO SHOP & SUPPORT!  LEXY'S STORY When Lexy had been rescued from backyard breeding at 8 years old, she had never been outside before and had never known love...

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The Truth Behind Owning a Pit Bull

Post by Co-Founder, Allyx: Pit Bull Awareness Day is important to us because Pit Bull prejudice is what almost separated me from one of the greatest gifts of my life. My sweet pup, Cleo, was subject to MY PREJUDICE against all "Pit Bull" type dogs and my prejudice against her did not subside after I brought her home.   "When I was alone with her in the apartment, I would watch her to see if she would turn on me." I believed the misconceptions portrayed in the media about pit bulls and never wanted to own one. Fortunately for me, my husband would not relinquish his intention to adopt a pit bull and he convinced me to rescue Cleo. The apartment that...

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